Best 10 Series on Netflix India 2023 Updated

As a result of COVID-19, everyone is confined to their houses and is left with nothing to do. Many people pass the time by viewing various online web series. Although many apps are available online, Netflix provides its users with the most recent and original material. The best series may be found without searching the internet. The top 15 original series are listed below. These web series are available in HD since it supports high-quality video players. To find out the most recent information on new programs, you can always browse Netflix.

Best 10 Series on Netflix India 2023 Updated

Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2023 Updated

1. Taj Mahal 1989

In this series, four couples experienced love. You can view the 1989 tag, which depicts the history, way of life, and methods of courtship in those bygone years. The plot is chock-full of romance, suspense, and love. You’ll adore seeing this wonderful tale. Enjoy it to pass the time while you’re bored.

2. Locke and Key

You will adore this fantastic web series if you enjoy viewing fantasy. You can watch the mind-blowing fantasy contained within. This narrative centers on a family that, following the passing of her husband, consists of a mother and her three children moving to a new home. Given numerous mystical keys, the home is called a Key House. These three siblings discovered the keys individually because each key was closely related to their father’s passing.

3. Delhi Crime

One of the episodes in this collection is about a girl named Nirbhaya who was raped in Delhi. A girl was brutally raped, and this happened in a well-known occurrence. This incident stunned the entire world. Richie Mehta produced this web series. She demonstrates in this series how the Delhi police are under pressure from politicians and bureaucrats as they look into this issue.

4. Lust Stories

Renowned Indian filmmakers produced this collection of four stories. A married woman who wishes to display her sexuality to others is the subject of the first tale. The other short story depicts a man’s relationship with the housekeeper who cleans his home. In the third tale, a couple is forced to make difficult decisions. In the final tale, a wife describes her unpleasant sex encounter with her husband.

5. Ghoul

It is an Indian horror tale about a terrorist with supernatural abilities. It is divided into three sections. A young woman is replacing an army officer who queries about terrorism. That terrorist with the wicked spirit powerfully destroys the entire military camp. Watch it to find out who will survive at the end of this intriguing web series.

6. Leila

Deepa Mehta directs this web series. This entire narrative is based on a book. In this tale, a young woman is compelled to leave home to continue traveling. You can see how that girl gets by in this web series. Some graphic scenes highlight the scenario of some shockingly violent political episodes.

7. She

The series’ director made it specifically for television, and it stars a young police officer from a middle-class household. His superiors assigned him to an assignment where he must dismantle a criminal group. Many people enjoy and watch this series because of its excellent character performance.

8. Narcos Mexico

It airs in February 2020 and is a well-liked web series. He enjoys the crowd, putting him at the top of the list. In this tale, a character aspires to a powerful position inside the Sinaloa Cartel. In season 2, the challenge will grow more challenging. You’ll observe Walt Breslin adjusting to a new life and its inhabitants.

9. Friends

You will enjoy this web series because of its story, which entertains most viewers. There is a woman who weds a man and shatters roses, and your mood determines Rachel’s. There are several seasons. When people learn that this television series is moving to Netflix, they become more attached. Watch it to kill time while you’re bored.

10. Money Heist

Indian viewers of web series adore drama and crime scenes. It is a Spanish television program with a crime drama theme. You may witness the heist of two individuals who held up two distinct locations in Spain. The first man robbed the bank, and the royal mint by the second. This series has four parts, and many viewers only watch the last three while anticipating the last one.

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