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All people who use Whatsapp and have an Android phone tend to utilize the same Whatsapp statuses. However, finding the status in your tongue is the only issue. It takes a while to find your favorite Whatsapp short status. However, various short status videos in Telugu are now available on Vidmate. You don’t have to pay anything to download them. People from around the world can use Vidmate, which is not just for residents of one nation. It offers a wide variety of entertainment alternatives, including music and movies. You can choose your preferred video quality. The use of mobile data and storage is minimal.

Vidmate user-friendly UI is its best feature. While downloading the Telugu status movies, you won’t experience any problems at all. It is free of all glitches, including pop-up video advertising. So consumers won’t be bothered with adverts and may appreciate the various statuses. Users can keep the status on their mobile devices for as long as they like without having it removed.

Telugu Status Videos for Whatsapp Free Download

Comedy Status in Telugu

It is essential to view humorous content if you want to have fun and be entertained. We’ve compiled some of the best and most popular Telugu short videos to watch when you’re bored and looking for something entertaining. Please select one and use Vidmate to download it.

  • We all enjoy seeing the classic film Bahubali’s sequences. Several comedic parts from the film are included in the video.
  • You’ll chuckle at the humorous video and like the amusing group interactions.
  • The video is a delightful combination and a whole package. You won’t be able to stop laughing.
  • It combines several TikTok videos at once, all featuring incredible sights.
  • The youngsters in the video spoke to the driver of the car. You’ll like the video for sure.
  • The funniest video you’ll ever see is two people debating on a court.

Short Romantic Video Status in Telugu

We all enjoy romantic scenes because they spread more peace and love. You are correct if you wish to savor romantic moments and share them with your loved ones. Here, in Telugu, you may see videos of romantic conversations. We have included a few videos for you to watch and download so that you can enjoy them.

  • The film shows viewers how to love their partners properly. This wonderful film allows you to explain your sentiments towards your partner.
  • You will adore the beautiful musical lyrics in the video with all of your heart. Express your affection for your partner by sharing it with them.
  • This song is ideal for couples who wish to spend a lot of time together in a quiet setting.
  • The video is perfect for heroes who wish to perform romantic gestures with their ladies.
  • To communicate love via your eyes is incredibly expressive. With just one eye contact, you can fall in love.

Videos with songs in Telugu

If you desire some melodic Telugu music and it is your native tongue. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best and most well-known Telugu songs on YouTube for you. Consider carefully reading the list and downloading any song.

  • The interaction between parents and children is depicted accurately in the video. In this video, a little child recounts the special moments he shared with his father as a child.
  • This film is perfect for you if you enjoy discovering new places in the natural world.
  • This video has excellent editing, and the background music is from the well-known film Jaanu.
  • To experience your love more, find a romantic setting and listen to the music’s lyrics.
  • It is a romantic song with several marriage-related scenes.

Telugu sad videos

Everyone has terrible moments occasionally, and we all wish to comfort ourselves by listening to sorrowful music. If you’re also lonely and want to express your sadness to your partner, you can publish any of the following videos as a Whatsapp status.

  • The captivating video features friendly dialogue between a couple. In the video, they talked about love. The video can be shown to your spouse as well.
  • You’ll feel depressed watching this video. If you feel depressed and alone, this film is ideal for flaunting your grief to others.
  • The video tells a tragic tale of two loves who are no longer together.
  • This video is heartbreaking and touching. The police detained a boy who loved the girl, and they were forced apart.
  • The heartfelt lyrics and parts of the conversation in the video will make you experience real love.

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