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Whatsapp Video Status in Hindi

Top Status for Whatsapp in Hindi

Everyone is passionate about watching the status in our native language. So Vidmate is ideal for people of different locations as it supports multiple languages. You can download the unique and top-rated status from any social media platform. You can download the top Indian short videos below to share your ass on WhatsApp.

  • The unique romantic status of a girl who, while following a young boy on the road, unintentionally causes an accident.
  • It is a romantic status that is about a couple who are in love. The girl tries to kill herself, and the boy tries to protect her.
  • A video of two young people in love is adorable. The boy makes the first step to show off his love for the girl with a rose.
  • This Bollywood star is sad since he didn’t obtain his love.
  • The video is about a lover who leaves his companion without saying anything.
  • In the video, a couple can be seen loving one another. A young girl facilitates their mutual acquaintance.
  • The amazing Hindi video in which you will learn the lesson to survive life with great fun without taking care of miseries.
  • A beautiful film about lovers that are joyful because they will tie themselves into the connection of husband and wife soon.
  • In this explicit film, two lovers can get close and wander in the dark.
  • The video features a lovely melody and an argument between two loves.

Love status in Hindi

If your mother tongue is Hindhi and you’re looking for some romantic videos with lots of love in Hindi. Using love status is the best shorthand for expressing your sentiments and emotions for someone. You can use the Whatsapp status feature to send your sweetheart a love message. Therefore, below is a collection of the most popular Hindi romantic videos.

  • The incredible video, in which a guy saves his girlfriend’s life, demonstrates the true meaning of love.
  • To impress a female, the young kid in the video performs several behaviors in front of her.
  • In this video, a male makes a girl his girlfriend in front of his classmates.
  • The two lovers’ heartfelt love story is still unfinished.
  • It’s a sweet film in which the boy and girl use gifts to show their affection for one another.
  • The young boy and girl in the video have a unique way of showing one another how much they care for them.
  • The boyfriend sacrifices his life to win the girl over, which makes the video incredibly heartbreaking.
  • The boy’s face is hurt in this tragic video of a little child saving his sweetheart.
  • The video is about real love and how vital it is to have a fulfilling relationship.
  • In this heartbreaking video, a young man loses his lover.

Status song in Hindi for Whatsapp

All of the contemporary Hindi songs with various scenarios are included in the provided list. Songs from India are well-liked by many people in many different nations. Its enjoyable melodious lyrics will revive your spirit.

  • The fantastic Hindi song, in which a little guy tricks his sweetheart, is well-liked by the users.
  • The incredible song-and-dance video features two young men riding a bus.
  • The girl in the video is elegantly attired for her wedding.
  • It is a beautiful video of a couple having a date.
  • In the video, a little guy tries to tell a girl how much he loves her.
  • You will cry while watching the video’s heartbreaking tune as a young lad takes his life out of love for a girl.
  • In this video, a lady demonstrates how she will stop at nothing to keep her husband happy.
  • In this heartbreaking film, a lover is shot to death while she begs for him.
  • A boy brings a girl outside to spend time with her in this endearing video.
  • In this highly emotional viral video, a girl cheats on a boy and marries another person.

Hindi funny Status For Whatsapp

Hindi funny status updates are frequently humorous. People will undoubtedly laugh at them. Please give it to your friends and make them laugh too. Spending time with the amusing scenes of the numerous Bollywood actors is enough.

  • In a humorous video, a well-known Indian actor plays the role of security chief, but a bomb goes off.
  • The video is amusing since it shows a lovely girl dating an unattractive guy.
  • In a humorous video, a girl looks for a young child in a man’s bathroom.
  • A hilarious film featuring the antics of two men with the same names will make you laugh.
  • The humorous talks in the video are entirely about Covid.
  • The best option for amusement is the video.
  • Akshay Kumar, a well-known Bollywood actor, gets into a heated argument with a monkey.
  • There are lovers in the humorous video.
  • The humorous video features Nana Patekar as a well-known character.

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